Why “India Blockchain Forum” Matters for early stage web-3 communities in India?​

Let me tell you why it’s now set standard Advisory system of web-3 communities in India!

🔥 Tailored Support: The IBF understands the unique needs of early-stage startups and provides tailored support to help them thrive. From mentorship programs and networking events to workshops and funding opportunities, they’ve got it all covered! 💪

💡 Expert Guidance: The IBF boasts a network of seasoned mentors who are eager to share their knowledge and experience. Their invaluable guidance helps startups navigate the complex world of blockchain, unlocking new opportunities and accelerating growth. 🌱

🤝 Vibrant Community: At the IBF, startups find themselves surrounded by a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. The buzzing co-working space fosters collaboration and sparks creativity, inspiring founders to push boundaries and reach new heights together! 🌈✨

💰 Funding Opportunities: The IBF recognises that access to capital is crucial for early-stage startups. That’s why they provide avenues to connect startups with potential investors, paving the way for funding opportunities that can turn dreams into reality! 💸💼

🌍 Global Reach: With a keen eye on the global landscape, the IBF ensures startups have a platform to showcase their potential on an international scale. They actively facilitate partnerships and collaborations, opening doors to endless possibilities and global market access. 🌐

If you’re an early-stage web-3 startup in India, the India Blockchain Forum is the place to be! Join this dynamic community, tap into their resources, and accelerate your journey towards success. Together, let’s reshape the future of blockchain technology in India and beyond! 🚀💫

By Surya Gedala, Ryzer, Founder & CEO